2011, Japan, Hospital Play Specialists Association

The Standish Foundation provided play materials for children in the Tohoku district near the Pacific Ocean coastal area, which was affected by the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake. Thousands of people were living in evacuation centers. Play materials included 1) spinning top that was made with colored paper and toothpicks, 2) kaleidoscope made with a milk pack, 3) various paper airplanes, 4) bracelet, necklace and strap with beads and shells, 5) wire art, 6) handmade cotton badge and hair clip, 7) stamps and drawing pictures and making a one of a kind cotton bag with pieces of material and so on by placing them wherever they wanted.
500 sets of play kits were provided to the play leaders. 150 sets were passed out to children at the major evacuation center and temporary housings in Kesennuma City and the rest of about 350 sets to Public Interest Incorporated Association “Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)” which does the volunteer support activity of aid delivery, cooking rice, footbath and making tea service and so on by cooperating with the people at evacuation centers