2011, The Philippines, Kythe Child Life Program – Sponsorship

Two trips were made to the Phillipines in 2011. Andrea Standish presented pain management techniques to the staff of the Kythe Foundation in the Phillipines. The focus of the presentation was on “The Magic Glove,” a technique used by medical providers to alleviate the pain involved in needle therapies. Andrea also delivered staff training in the area of Psychosocial and Educational Pre-Procedure Preparation. Providers were given scripts to follow, as well as engaging picture representations. The Standish Foundation co-sponsored Kythe’s Passion for Caring healthcare provider training in Camsur, Philippines.

An example page from the presentation given to the staff.


The Standish Foundation founder, Andrea Standish, engaging in teaching techniques with children prior to a medical procedure.

Providing children with pre-procedure education helps to prevent fear and anxiety by giving them a sense of control over their situation.

The Standish Foundation provides Worry Dolls to medical centers so that children can practice the procedures with the dolls prior to receiving the medical treatments themselves. Research has shown that these types of play activities greatly benefit children and medical staff.

Thank you to the Kythe Foundation for your continued support of children in the Phillipines.