2016, Mexico City, El Hospatilito, Hospital Español de México

Thanks to the support of Dr. Samuel Fernández Pena at El Hospitalito, Mexico City, Psic. María Fernanda Busqueta was able to travel to the annual conference of The Child Life Council. There were over 600 attendees; representing 12 countries.

Attendees were very impressed to learn of the pioneering work being done in Mexico to benefit the hospitalized child. Specifically, the Child Life/Psychosocial Support program for children at Unidad Hospitalaria Infantil Dr. Samuel Fernández, Pena El Hospitalito.

Miss Busqueta has established herself as a respected leader in the Child Life community. During the conference this year, she coordinated a workshop and networking session focused on the global expansion of Child Life Services. Based on her participation and knowledge, colleagues from around the world contact her for advice and support.

Your wisdom and leadership is playing a critical role in shaping the future of pediatric healthcare in Mexico. It is my hope that with Miss Busqueta’s continued participation and your continued support, Unidad Hospitalaria Infantil Dr. Samuel Fernández, Pena El Hospitalito will be the undisputed leader in Latin America in Child Life service and training.

Through the years the Pediatric Psychology and Child Life Department of Hospital Español in Mexico city has received generous donations from Standish Foundation for Child & Family Centered Healthcare and her president Andy; the donations have been of great benefit to the patients we have served for many years; even when we are a hospital funded program, there are some resources needed to provide psychosocial support for pediatric patients that are difficult to find in Mexico and we have been benefited by the support of the Foundation. The donations which include: medical teaching dolls, medical play kits and materials, beanie babies, art materials, blank cloth therapeutic dolls, distraction toys, board games, polaroid camera, among many others, have served not only as a recreation but as both teaching and therapeutic tools for pediatric patients.

Words wouldn´t be enough to thank the Foundation for making hospitals like ours a happier place for children and for their continuous efforts to support psychosocial programs aboard.

Our deepest appreciation always!

Maria Fernanda Busqueta Mendoza MA, CCLS.

Manager of the Pediatric Psychology and Child Life Department, Hospital Español, Mexico, City