Skip and Joyce Vilas

Skip is a retired Episcopal minister who founded GreenFaith: Interfaith Partners for the Environment. Joyce has been a partner in all his endeavors, and has worked as a nursery school teacher and thrift shop manager. As parents of a child born with a congenital illness that required many hospitalizations, they have long advocated for child and family centered care, even before these terms existed in healthcare. They are pleased to act as volunteer ambassadors for the Standish Foundation.

Cheri Oliveri

Cheri Oliveri is from Killeen, Texas, but was born in Maryland during a family visit. She pursued her education in early childhood education and business. She was a preschool teacher for many years, has vast experience in real estate management, and has successfully partnered in building and ultimately managing multiple multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

Mrs. Oliveri is forthcoming about being raised by a single mom and struggling financially. As an adult and a professional she is dedicated to giving back and has spent countless hours volunteering with Believe in Tomorrow, Christ Episcopal Church Day School, and the Standish Foundation for Child and Family Centered Healthcare. She also encourages her children to give and serve.

Mrs. Oliveri’s family includes her loving and supportive husband, six children and one grandson, and she understands, perhaps better than most, the importance of child and family centered care, and how difficult traumatic situations can be when it is absent. Her two oldest daughters have undergone three brain surgeries between them to correct complications from Chiari Malformation with Syringomyelia. Additionally, at a young age, Mrs. Oliveri’s son was diagnosed with Aspergers, a high-functioning form of autism.

There was a time when Mrs. Oliveri was a single parent struggling to set up payment plans to secure treatment for her children. Her background has left her full of compassion and the desire to take her past and turn it into a positive for others.

Mrs. Oliveri describes her daughters’ brain surgeries as life altering. She experienced first-hand how hospital staff, including doctors and nurses viewed their responsibilities simply as day jobs; the sterile environment and lack of warmth, communication and nurturing; and she knew instinctively there was a need to address how children experience healthcare. She knew children, her children, deserved to feel safe and unafraid when going to a hospital, staying in a hospital and facing the unknown. She also came to understand wholeheartedly how crucial open communication is between doctors, nurses and parents.

Mrs. Oliveri has taken those experiences and turned them into a passion for serving, and she has made a difference. Today, her daughters are grown and doing well—one of them is studying to be a pediatric neurologist.

The Oliveri Family spends much of the year in Annapolis and has made it home in order to be close to John’s Hopkins where Dr. Ben Carson has performed all three of the girls’ brain surgeries. However, Mrs. Oliveri and her husband, who is a University of Texas graduate, love Austin and have made it their second home for over a decade.

Kasey Reinhardt

Certified Child Life Specialist
Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist
Social + Digital Media Manager, Standish Foundation
USA, Latin America

Kasey grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina USA and graduated from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with degrees in both Psychology and Child and Family Development. She has worked with children with autism as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist and in a variety of education settings.

Kasey became certified as a child life specialist in her final year of college and began her professional career at Novant Health Medical Center. She enjoyed working with patients, family and staff in the pediatric emergency department and the neonatal intensive care unit. In an effort to support her community, Kasey devoted countless hours to become proficient in emergency response. She also worked closely with the fundraising arm of the hospital to create family friendly spaces and develop supportive patient- and family-centered care programs. It was through her experiences here that she truly developed and nurtured her passion for helping and supporting children and their families throughout their medical journeys.

Kasey also volunteers as a child life specialist working with children and families on international medical missions. While volunteering, you’ll find Kasey writing blogs about her travels and her work with children and families. She loves to travel and once even put her things in storage to live in a Volkswagen Vanagon and travel the US for two months. She arrived home rejuvenated along with a stray dog. She is a lover of cats, has dabbled in commercial acting and recently took up improv. She loves the Carolina Panthers, is an airbnb “superhost” and currently resides in sunny Long Beach, California. Kasey spends her free time exploring California and at the beach with her dog “Cranberry.”