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Advisory Council Members

Kathleen Lhamon
Parent and Family Advisor

Kathleen Lhamon is a wife and a mother of two boys Nick (16) and Craig (14). Mrs. Lhamon is surrounded by boys so she is learning to enjoy all things “boys”, particularly hockey and lacrosse. You will find Mrs. Lhamon and her husband Chris, cheering for their boys at the local rink or lacrosse field or taking in professional baseball games at Angel Stadium in California.

Mrs. Lhamon is proud to have earned the name “Mama Bear” by advocating for her son Craig who was born with kidney failure. For the past 14 years, Mrs. Lhamon navigated through the complexities of both the medical and school systems. Friends, family and countless doctors of Craig’s have declared that he would not be where he is today if it weren’t for Mrs. Lhamon, his “Mama Bear.” Although, she is quick to credit her husband Chris, who lovingly donated his kidney to Craig over 10 years ago.

Despite her busy work schedule, she finds time to volunteer in her community. Delivering meals to homebound seniors, helping with her son’s Boy Scout troop and teaching Sunday school are among her interests. In addition to being a strong advocate for her own children, Mrs. Lhamon is also passionate about helping other children and families.

It is the volunteer work that supports the well being of children that lies closest to her heart. In addition to volunteer work at her church and her kids’ schools, Mrs. Lhamon has volunteered countless hours assisting child life specialists to meet the psychosocial needs of children on dialysis. Because of her devotion and wisdom, she has been asked to serve on numerous committees at the local children’s hospital. She has worked to promote community drug prevention, organized blood drives and working alongside her Cub Scouts stocking the shelves at her local food bank.

Mrs. Lhamon considers her commitments “a labor of love” and is eager to apply this passion to the Standish Foundation.

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