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Advisory Council Members

Susan Clancey, MS, CCLS
Child Life Program – Complementary Therapies
UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center

Whether working to make a difference in the lives of her own two children, or those in the hospital, you will find Susan Clancey working tirelessly to provide holistic therapies to meet the needs of children.

As a youth and still today, Mrs. Clancey feels it is her life’s mission and an honor to work to positively impact the lives of children. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development at the University of Arizona, Mrs. Clancey volunteered at the University of Arizona Medical Center where she discovered her passion to work with ill children and their families.

After taking time off from her career to raise her two children, Mrs. Clancey completed a Masters Degree at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts and went on to become a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS).

Mrs. Clancey combines her passion for children, music and complementary therapies at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center where she currently works as a CCLS in Pediatric Surgical Services and Sedation and coordinates complementary therapies. She is recognized nationally for her unique knowledge base and experience in the areas of holistic healthcare for children.

A talented violinist, Mrs. Clancey, strongly believes in the healing power of music and enjoys playing for pediatric patients and their families. She also incorporates guided imagery and therapies such as Reiki to patients as needed. Mrs. Clancey is a member of the UMass Complementary and Alternative Medicine Academic Interest Group and is collaborating with a leading pediatrician on a pilot research project studying the feasibility of Reiki on pain and stress in hospitalized children.

Mrs. Clancey embraces a balanced life including yoga, running, music, art and travel and shares Standish Foundation’s goal to make a difference in the lives of children, families and healthcare providers worldwide.

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