Leadership Team

“Andy” Andrea Mangione Standish, CCLS                                                                    Founder, President, Square Peg                                                                                       Certified Child Life Specialist

Samuel Golter said, “There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul.” Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” It is where those two quotes intersect that you will find the work, hopes and dreams of Ms. Mangione. An experienced Child Life Educator and Certified Child Life Specialist, Ms. Mangione is an advocate, educator, practitioner, trainer, mentor, volunteer and consultant. She has worked extensively to promote and support the rights and needs of ill children and their families and has helped introduce sustainable child and family friendly healthcare practices globally. Ms. Mangione is a key note speaker and workshop presenter discussing her passion to implement sustainable practices to make healthcare more child and family friendly. It’s been a pleasure for her to speak to: fellow child life specialists, doctors, nurses, residents, psychologists, hospital play specialists and allied health professionals in the USA and in Italy, Brazil, Japan, Jordan, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Israel, Georgia, New Zealand, Egypt and the Philippines. Ms. Mangione has volunteered on medical missions in: Brazil, China, Jordan, Nicaragua, Egypt, Vietnam, Honduras, Ethiopia, Laos and the Philippines. She has worked with children and families in the acute and chronic settings in the following units: oncology, hematology, pediatric intensive care, emergency department, inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, acute dialysis and outpatient dialysis. Ms. Mangione loves her poodles, traveling, reading, sewing and everything Texas. She claims her two favorite aromas are cinnamon rolls and jet fuel. And yes, she loves purple.

Casey Fisher                                                                                                                            Interim CEO, Standish Foundation

Casey is a native Texan, having grown up in a small town on the Texas gulf-coast. He spent most of his formative years fishing, playing sports, and performing manual labor for his father. He attended Texas A&M where he was a member of the Corps of Cadets and earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution. He suffers from recurring delusions each August, continually thinking this is the year the Aggies will win another Football National Championship. Luckily this problem is short lived, typically passing by early November. Casey’s business career started in consulting, where he worked for Ernst&Young in their process improvement consulting practice in Dallas. Next he joined Compaq Computer, when they were the largest manufactured of personal computers and servers in the world. After almost 5 years with Compaq, he joined Apple where he spent 11 years in a number of executive roles. He worked for Apple in Cupertino, Singapore, and Austin. He left Apple to join Ceva Logistics, a global logistics provider where he served as the regional CEO for South East Asia based in Singapore, the Regional CEO for Australia and New Zealand based in Melbourne, Australia, and as the Head of Business Development based in Austin. He now serves as the Managing Partner of Provident Global Advisors, a consulting firm focused on interim executive services and business improvement consulting. Casey is currently serving as the Standish Foundation Interim CEO. He works with the Board of Directors to Ensure the Foundation’s mission is achieved in the most effective means possible. Casey is a family man, and loves most any activity outdoors. He is the devoted husband, proud father of three children, and the meal ticket for two dogs. He spends most of his free time watching kids sporting events, but tries to sneak in some running and golf when time allows. Along with his wife Kristy, he serves in the children’s ministry program at his church, and is an Ambassador for Pine Cove Ministries.

Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS                                                                           

Certified Child Life Specialist

Child Life Mommy, Blogger, Private Practice
Digital + Social Media Manager, Standish Foundation

Shani is a Certified Child Life Specialist and a parent of two young boys. She recently relocated back to her hometown in Northern California after living with her family in New York City for over a decade. She is an energetic, compassionate leader in the child life community, who loves to fill gaps in service and think outside of the box.

She has an educational background in recreation administration and graduate degree in child life. Shani has worked in a pediatric inpatient rehabilitation unit, a long term children’s facility and has volunteered as a bereavement facilitator at a local children’s hospital.

Shani created a child life and parenting website/blog, called ChildLifeMommy.com and uses social media to share her resources. She provides information to caregivers, child life specialists, students, educators and pediatric clinicians.

She launched a child life private practice in her community, providing home visits, phone consultations, caregiver workshops and support to local programs and schools. She published a children’s preparation book, “It’s Time For Your Checkup: What to Expect When Going to a Doctor Visit” and volunteers as a committee chair member for the Association of Child Life Professionals, Community-Based Non-Traditional Role Committee. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Bank Street College, co-teaching an online graduate child life course.

In her spare time, she loves to work out, mountain bike and compete in athletic races. She also enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her kids and watching reality TV with her two puppies, Tank and Monkey.

Thomas McNeely Hobson, MHA, MMEd, MT-BC, CCLS                                                 Music Therapist-Board Certified, Certified Child Life Specialist                                  Business Manager                                                                                                              Children’s Research Foundation Institute at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital                  Chief Outcomes Officer, Standish Foundation                                                                     USA, Qatar, Jerusalem

The words of Audrey Hepburn, “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, the other for helping others”, have driven Thomas McNeely Hobson throughout his education and career. This drive, coupled with his determination and ingenuity lead him to create opportunities where others see obstacles. Mr. Hobson and his brother were raised by their parents in locations all over the southeastern United States. Since childhood, Mr. Hobson exhibited a desire to help those in need. At age four, Mr. Hobson offered to console his brother by singing to him, and thus began his quest to connect with and bring comfort to people through music. After studying music in South Carolina at Presbyterian College, Mr. Hobson sought to expand his knowledge and skill by studying music therapy. During his studies at East Carolina University, he completed a music therapy internship at Florida State Hospital, a large state mental hospital. However, it was his work at Pitt Memorial Hospital, on a pediatric unit, which ultimately drew him to working with hospitalized children. In pursuit of this mission, Mr. Hobson began working at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee since 2002 where he became the first Director of Child Life Services. Concurrently, he served as the Interim Child Life Consultant for Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar. Mr. and enjoyed assisting the hospital to develop its first child life program. Currently, Mr. Hobson is serving as the Business Manager to the Children’s Research Foundation Institute at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. With a desire to deepen his leadership knowledge, Mr. Hobson went on to earn a master’s degree in healthcare administration. He has held a number of volunteer positions at the Child Life Council and the American Music Therapy Association. Creative, intuitive and humorous, Mr. Hobson’s blog about his work with hospitalized children here and aboard is an inspiration to his colleagues as well as to his patients and their families. Mr. Hobson looks forward to working with Standish Foundation, and is most excited about knowing that children and families will benefit from this global collaboration.

Ellen Steele, M.Ed, Ed.S.                                                                                            Administrative Ninja

Ellen grew up in Northwest Ohio, as the youngest of four. She attended Bowling Green State University and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After working for a year in a juvenile justice center for teenaged girls and boys, Ellen strove to intervene with children at a younger age. She earned her Master’s degree in Education, as well as an Educational Specialist’s degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and earned the credential of Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Ellen lived and worked in Michigan, Hawaii, Maryland, and Illinois, before settling in Texas. Ellen continues to work as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology at the elementary school level in Austin, Texas.

Ellen is the mother to three boys, and they enjoy spending time camping with the Boy Scouts, playing baseball, swimming, and taking music lessons. They love to spend time on the lake, and summers are spent in the water.
While living in South Texas, Ellen was introduced to the work of Child Life Specialists. A family member currently works as a Child Life Specialist in Corpus Christi, and was able to help Ellen’s son through a potentially difficult medical procedure. When Ellen learned of the opportunity to work with the Standish Foundation in a support role, she jumped at the chance. Ellen assists with coordinating meetings and events, general administrative work, and coordinating trainings for our board members. She is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but prefers not to brag about it!