Our Work

Our mission is to ensure that healthcare providers have the tools and training they need to minimize healthcare-related pain and suffering in children. We work is to see that children and their families experience healthcare in a way that promotes hope, healing and happiness…something we believe every child deserves! Therefore, the work of the Standish Foundation is guided by these principles:

  • Promote child and family centered healthcare
  • Empower and engage healthcare providers
  • Work with healthcare providers to create customized child and family centered programs
  • Provide funding and material resources to healthcare providers and institutions

How does Standish “promote hope, healing and happiness…”?

While children facing illness and their families have many needs, our primary focus is to educate healthcare providers and equip them with tools and strategies to then provide child and family friendly healthcare on their own. This focus on education has the greatest potential to transform healthcare, and promote hope, healing and happiness, for the greatest number of children.

How does Standish educate healthcare providers?

The Standish Foundation, with the help and support of its advisory council members, has developed extensive curriculum on the psychosocial care of children. The curriculum is customized for each organization and is delivered via classroom, clinical mentoring, online follow up mentoring. Topics include, but are not limited to positions for comfort, procedure preparation, procedure support, pain management, parental involvement, and coping methods.

Additionally, the Foundation’s executive director and advisory council are available for long-distance mentoring, collaboration and support.