Who We Are

The Standish Foundation for Child and Family Centered Healthcare was founded in 2010 by Andrea Mangione Standish. The organization was named after her husband Michael Standish for his unfailing support of her passion to help ill children and their families.

Andy, a certified child life specialist was determined to see child & family centered healthcare practices implemented in more hospitals. Often seen as a hindrance, these child friendly practices actually make life much easier for pediatric medical staff, and certainly for child patients and their families.

In a short period of time, the Standish Foundation had an energetic board and a flourishing international advisory council. Andy was regularly taking international medical mission and support trips and growing her network around the globe. Soon, two opportunities for impact were revealed to the Standish Board of Directors. One was developing child & family centered curriculum that could be taught through workshops to physicians, nurses and other medical staff. The other was the geographic area that exhibited the greatest need for such practices. The United States, while certainly not 100% child-friendly, is a lot further ahead than many parts of the world. As such, the Standish Foundation made the decision to focus its efforts on partnering with hospitals in regions and countries that need it most.

Today, the Standish Foundation, its directors and advisory council are working to educate staff and instill child & family centered healthcare principles in hospitals in multiple countries around the globe.

Through partnerships with hospitals and other pediatric health-focused organizations, the Standish Foundation is able to maximize donors’ gifts of time, money and materials to ensure more children are impacted positively. Together, we seek ways to promote one another, share ideas, strategies and resources, and lend our voices and expertise to accomplish complimentary objectives.

Quick Facts About The Standish Foundation

  • The Standish Foundation is an all-volunteer organization with multi-disciplinary, global health volunteers in more than 20 countries.
  • Our services are offered low/no charge to healthcare providers.
  • We meet or exceed non-profit standards for best practices in governance,\r\naccountability and ethical practices.
  • Our programs are available in the U.S. and around the world.
  • The Standish Foundation for Child and Family Centered Healthcare (SF4C) is a Texas nonprofit corporation and a registered 501(c) (3) charity under the United States Internal Revenue Code.